During a Temezcal ceremony, we entered the sweat lodge. Hot volcanic rocks are placed in the center of the lodge and water is poured over the rocks to produce steam. Herbs were added to aid our cleansing process. Israel, our shaman leading us through this spiritual ceremony had us give thanksgiving, gratitude, and honor to each other as part of this magical ceremony. Listen to Israel's story of the honoring of this process.
Ingrid Kelly
Ingrid Kelly, an occupational therapist with Kaiser Permanente, talk about how she helped the people in Mexico and fell in love with the people and the place!
Andres Ordaz
Lots of Firsts for Andres Ordaz, even in his own hometown! Yoga, Temzcal, and the first time to really take time to do the inner work towards becoming a better entrepreneur, husband, father, and community leader! Fantastic interview with a fantastic leader!
Jamie Furlong
Jamie Furlong's been to Mexico...but never like this! Listen to her reflections on what a difference a Noble Adventure has made in her life!
Ryan Miller
"Everything on the adventure was PERFECT"...A unique perspective from Ryan Miller, one of our young filmmakers!
Jean McFarland
This is not your normal leadership development experience! Jean McFarland explains how the leaders of Noble Adventures instinctively "knew what the group needed, where they needed to lean into different areas of their lives and really dig deep." She "can't wait "for her next Noble Adventure!
Robert Almes
His first time out of the United States, Robert Almes says his experience with Noble Adventures in Zacapu, Mexico, taught him to "Love More." He even mustered the courage to sing "Walk the Line" in a karaoke jam session with his voice like Johnny Cash!
Jeff Niles
Sr. Regional Director of Sales, ShiftWise
Christina was great to work with. She was an inspiring leader who worked tirelessly to start and grow the organization. I was particularly impressed with Christina's management skills and her ability to organize and mobilize large groups of people toward a greater goal. She is a fantastic, strategic leader.
Susan Hodne, MSW
Adoption Services Home Study Social Worker
Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services Children Social Worker
Having worked alongside Christina for several years, I know her to have a warm, confident and intelligent presence. She is a powerful collaborator, who is skilled at working in high stress and resistant environments. Christina consistently inspires positive change with individuals and within the larger system. Christina is an asset for organizations, large and small, looking to advance their efficiency and effectiveness.
Rich Rizzo
Retired Chicago police officer
Cook County Investigator
Police Commissioner and WCHC Board member
As a police officer and later an investigator, I have worked with some combative folks, but I never knew coalition building and community organizing could be such demanding and chaotic work. Even under some very negative conditions, and an often hostile environment, Christina maintained her professionalism. Her work was always focused toward the goal of positive and impactful change for the entire community, and especially our youth. No matter what was thrown her way, Christina tried to mediate win/wins for everyone. She and I spent a great deal of time trying to negotiate the landmines that were often hidden in our community. Christina always wanted to believe the best in people, hoping that change was possible. Change was possible with Christina, as she rallied the majority of the community, engaged leadership throughout, and was a great role model for the youth, all of which resulted in measurable change for Wilmington, and another large grant award for the community. I cannot state enough how much of an impact she had on me personally and in my professional roles. I can only say that it has been an honor for me to have her walk into my life.
Janelle Reents
President, Monicals Pizza Corporation

I have known Christina personally and professionally for over 15 years. Personally, I can say that Christina has the unique ability to inspire others to reach outside of their “comfort zone” and develop new skills as a leader, as a manager, or as a friend.

She is dedicated to the development of purpose-driven leadership and once you know her, you will quickly learn how her personal and professional experiences have shaped that passion.

Professionally, Christina understands the delicate balance between the preservation of a brand and the need to evolve and stay relevant. Time spent with Christina is an investment. She will challenge your team and make your organization stronger. Whether working directly with individuals, not-for-profit organizations or large corporations, you will find that Christina takes ownership in her work. Your cause is her cause.

Dr. Jim Bitter
Dean and Chair Counseling Psychology
California State University at Fullerton

What makes Christina truly remarkable is the common language and concern she brings to facilitating change. Since she sees people as both unique entities and parts of systems; she is able to bring a very wide focus to personal experience and to facilitate change - joining, reframing and creating options. I have seen her take leadership positions with great competence and effectiveness, and I have seen her find ways to contribute to others without taking over.

Christina is a naturally warm and engaging person who immediately sets both clients and colleagues at ease. She brings to her work a focused and interested presence that often gives people the sense that they are Christina’s entire world for a moment.

To me, Christina is the complete professional: a great mind, a warm and caring heart; a creative and inventive personality on a rock solid foundation; a stable emotional being in touch with herself and of the highest integrity.

Pastor Elizabeth Armstrong
St. Augustine of Canterbury, Rocklin
You are Gifted, a Wonder and a POWERHOUSE!
Meri Knauer
Budget Director, Wilmington Coalition for a Healthy Community

I worked with Christina closely for over a year and a half. During that time, Christina took the organization from a small town “club” to a well-respected community organization where she utilized evidence-based research for its programs, and demanded measurable outcomes of all its projects. Christina brought a wealth of new ideas and strategies, and was always curious to find new, better ways of doing things. She is consistently focused on efficiency and effectiveness. She is always on time, reliable and good to her word. She shows up in every aspect.

Christina has a great presence wherever she is—whether it’s as a positive role model and mentor for our community’s youth, speaking in a professional forum, or being the public representative for the coalition during media interviews, Christina has the skills one cannot teach. I watched Christina go through many challenges in this community, and she consistently managed them with professionalism, excellence and grace. I cannot say enough about her skills, talents and abilities.